Contacts for Website Content

This page provides email links to people who can change the content of our web site. If you think any information in our website is incorrect, or you need to add information, then contact the following people.

Undergraduate and PhD programs

Region Whom to contact
Courses Sharon Salveter
Events Katie Casey
People Nita K Yack
Schedules Margaret P Jaffey
Techreports Laszlo Babai

Computer Science Professional Programs

All CSPP web issues, including courses, events, people, schedules:
Janos Simon

Note: Courses refers to course related modifications, including creating a new course, changing the course description, verifying a course, etc. On the other hand, Schedules refers to the schedules of these courses. If you are an instructor, you can modify the information page for your course (e.g. add a course page link, specify a text book,...).

For all other content contact If for any reason, any of these people are not reachable, or it is an emergency you can contact