Characterizing Stranded Power in the ERCOT in Years 2012-2019: A Preliminary Report

Liuzixuan (Peter) Lin; Andrew A Chien. 4 August, 2020.
Communicated by Andrew Chien.


Following prior studies [2,3], we characterize the phenomenon of stranded power (curtailed and low-priced power) in the ERCOT dispatch region. This study analyses data from 2012 through 2019, spanning both the introduction of the CREZ and three-fold growth of wind generation.

The analysis shows that stranded power in the ERCOT grid is a persistent phenomenon, and accounts for a growing quantity of power, exceeding 20 TWh in 2019. As the grid has evolved, adding both wind generation and transmission, it has returned to an operating point where 15% of wind power is curtailed or cleared at negative prices, and 25-30% is stranded power, using the average price of $5/MWh.

Original Document

The original document is available in PDF (uploaded 4 August, 2020 by Andrew Chien).