Re-engineering Dasatinib into an Immuno-synergic Drug

Ariel Fernandez; L. Ridgway Scott. 28 October, 2018.
Communicated by L. Ridgway Scott.


Immune checkpoint blockers revolutionized cancer therapy. Yet, they met only modest success when treating tumors where regulatory T cells recruited at the tumor periphery overwhelmingly suppress the adaptive immune response. To achieve lasting cure, we propose immuno-tuning combinations with purposely engineered targeted agents that block indirect tumor-induced immunosuppression without adversely impacting the adaptive response. In particular, we propose a redesign of dasatinib with three objectives: (1) to remove its nanomolar affinity towards LCK, a major signal transducer in the activation of T cells, thereby avoiding interference with the adaptive immune response, (2) to enhance its affinity towards c-KIT, a crucial receptor in the recruitment of regulatory T cells, thereby preventing tumor recruitment of immuno-modulatory elements, and (3) to enhance its affinity towards c-SRC, a major cancer target, thereby promoting a higher antigenic activity. We propose to combine this dasatinib variant with an immune checkpoint inhibitor to enhance the tumor susceptibility to immunotherapy.

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