UDP System Interface and Lane ISA Definition

Yuanwei Fang; Andrew A Chien. 10 August, 2017.
Communicated by Andrew Chien.


The Unstructured Data Processor (UDP) is a programmable accelerator that supports efficient data encoding and transformation. These tasks are often inefficient in traditional CPU cores. To achieve high efficiency, the UDP includes multi-way dispatch, variable-size symbol support, flexible-source dispatch (stream buffer and scalar registers), and memory addressing. The UDP and its predecessor the Unified Automata Processor (UAP) has been shown to accelerate extended finite automata processing as well as export-transform-load workloads both for current and novel future encoding and compression. In partic- ular, UDP excels at branch-intensive and symbol and pattern-oriented workloads. This document includes the full instruction set definition for the UDP; for research background see

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