A Generalized Software Approach for Node-level Power Management

Henry Hoffmann; Martina Maggio. 31 October, 2013.
Communicated by Henry Hoffmann.


the deployment of high-density servers increases. Conse- quently, a number of management systems have been pro- posed to provide power guarantees while maximizing perfor- mance. One drawback of existing approaches is that they work only on a xed set of components (or actuators). If new components become available, these management sys- tems must be redesigned and reimplemented to incorporate the new actuators. In this paper, we propose PTRADE, a novel server-level power management system that is gen- eral with respect to the components it manages. PTRADE can be deployed to work with a new set of actuators with- out redesign and reimplementation. PTRADE's generality is demonstrated through the management of power goals on two di erent Linux/x86 systems and a simulated 128-core manycore system, each with di erent components that gov- ern power and performance tradeo s. Our experimental re- sults show that PTRADE meets power goals while providing 96.1% of the maximum performance on the Linux/x86 sys- tems. On the simulated manycore, PTRADE meets power goals while providing 97.7% of the maximum performance.

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