Calibrating the Relationship between Hardware Customization and Energy Efficiency

Apala Guha; Yao Zhang; Raihan ur Rasool; Andrew A Chien. 11 July, 2013.
Communicated by Andrew Chien.


With Dennard scaling at an end, chip-level performance scaling is heavily dependent on both parallelism (multicore and other dimensions) as well as customization. One major challenge to heterogeneous architecture is to effectively balance general-purpose coverage, customization for energy efficiency, and programmability. A central challenge for 10x10 or any broad-based heterogeneous architecture approach is determining the exact micro-engines that will compose a core given the large number of different choices for micro-engines and combinations. It is more generally useful to develop an abstract methodology for evaluating micro-engine candidates by modeling the relationship between the degree of hardware customization and benefit. We develop such a model based on extant accelerator designs which enables assessment of the benefits of architecture customization with full custom design and physical optimization.

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