Coordinating Application and System Adaptation for Performance, Power, and Accuracy Management

Henry Hoffmann. 30 May, 2013.
Communicated by Henry Hoffmann.


This paper presents PowerDial++, a system for dynamically adapting both application and system configuration in response to unpredictable changes in application workload, available power, or user goals. PowerDial++ coordinates the management of application parameters governing performance versus accuracy tradeoffs with system parameters governing performance versus power tradeoffs. Our results show that PowerDial++'s coordinated approach provides a greater range of operating points than application or system configuration alone. For example, PowerDial++ can meet energy efficiency goals with greater accuracy or meet accuracy goals with reduced power consumption compared to prior approaches. Additionally, PowerDial++'s ability to manage goals in multiple dimensions provides greater efficiency in response to unpredictable changes in application input or user goals.

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