Typological consequences of candidate omission for weighted and ranked constraints in the {c,v} syllable structure model

Max Bane; Jason Riggle. 25 April, 2012.
Communicated by John Goldsmith.


This technical report presents a case study of the generative consequences of candidate omission in grammar formalisms based on optimization over weighted or ranked constraints. Using a set of constraints on the syllabification of vowel and consonant sequences, we show that the omission of certain candidates has effects that go well beyond the simple failure to generate the omitted forms. Specifically, the omission of some candidates can, in some cases, introduce spurious distinctions that interact with actual distinctions (and other spurious ones) to yield a system that significantly diverges from the set of patterns generated when all candidates are considered.

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The original document is available in PDF (uploaded 25 April, 2012 by John Goldsmith).