Equation-preserving multilanguage systems

Jacob Matthews. 25 April, 2008.
Communicated by Robby Findler.


Kennedy has recently argued that the designers of Cshould try to informally verify that their compilation from C♯ source to Microsoft Common Language Run- time (CLR) bytecode is “fully abstract” in the sense that any two code fragments that C♯ programs cannot distinguish must compile into CLR code fragments that CLR programs also cannot distinguish. In this paper we treat that property as a criterion for what constitutes a well-designed interoperability system and refine it using the techniques of Matthews-Findler-style multilanguage systems. We begin by giving our own variation on Kennedy’s criterion that does not directly involve a notion of compilation. Then we argue that our criterion is useful and workable by using it to guide our development of a multilanguage system that combines call-by-name and call-by-value lambda calculi. We begin with a straightforward system that we show does not meet our criterion. Then we refine that system’s interoperability rules and show that the result does meet our criterion. We con- clude by sketching how our criterion would apply to multilanguage systems whose constituent languages had more advanced features such as state, exceptions, and concurrent threads.

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