Analysis of Pair-Wise Comparisons

L. Ridgway Scott; Angelika Longacre; Jerrold S. Levine. 6 October, 2005.
Communicated by L. Ridgway Scott.


For biological arrays, performing multiple experimental repeats is a common way to improve certainty of gene identification. But this is offset by the high cost of each experiment. In a typical experiment, n independent measurements (e.g., data from n separate gene expression arrays are combined to yield a single estimation per assay (e.g., per gene). Thus, 2n independent measurements, yields only n comparative measurements. We show that it is possible to compute abstractly the probabilities appropriate for using other subsets of the potential $n^2$ comparisons derivable from such data. We show the 2n-1 independent comparisons available from among the $n^2$ possibilities perform the best.

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