Locating Data in (Small-World?) Peer-to-Peer Scientific Collaborations

Adriana Iamnitchi; Matei Ripeanu; Ian Foster. 26 September, 2002.
Communicated by Ian Foster.


Data-sharing scientific collaborations have particular characteristics, potentially different from the current peer-to-peer environments. In this paper we advocate the benefits of exploiting emergent patterns in self-configuring networks specialized for scientific data-sharing collaborations. We speculate that a peer-to-peer scientific collaboration network will exhibit small-world topology, as do a large number of social networks for which the same pattern has been documented. We propose a solution for locating data in decentralized, scientific, data-sharing environments that exploits the small-worlds topology. The research challenge we raise is: what protocols should be used to allow a self-configuring peer-to-peer network to form small worlds similar to the way in which the humans that use the network do in their social interactions?

Original Document

The original document is available in Postscript (uploaded 26 September, 2002 by Ian Foster).