Cactus-G Toolkit: Supporting Efficient Execution in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environments

Gabrielle Allen; Thomas Dramlitsch; Ian Foster; Tom Goodale; Nick Karonis; Matei Ripeanu; Ed Seidel; Brian Toonen. 24 July, 2001.
Communicated by Ian Foster.


Improvements in the performance of processors and networks means that it can be both feasible and interesting to treat collections of workstations, servers, clusters, and supercomputers as integrated computational resources or Grids. However, the highly heterogeneous and dynamic nature of such Grids makes application development extremely difficult. Here we describe an architecture and prototype implementation for a Grid-enabled computational framework called Cactus-G. This framework integrates the Cactus simulation system with the MPICH-G2 Grid-enabled message passing library and in addition integrates a variety of specialized features to support efficient execution in Grid environments.

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