John Anton Goldsmith

John Anton Goldsmith

Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor
Departments of Computer Science and Linguistics


Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics

Contact Information

University of Chicago
1100 E 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773)702-6614
Fax: (773)702-8487

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I am interested in understanding the nature of symbolic representation, in both natural language and genomic sequences, through the development of software that induces structure from data.

In the area of natural language, the focus of my recent work has been the development of a program called Linguistica which induces the morphology (the word internal structure) of a language on the basis of a corpus from the language. We are currently working on languages as diverse as Somali and Swahili in addition to more familiar European languages. Our webpage is


Swarthmore College, BA 1972 (Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics)
MIT, PhD 1976 (Linguistics)

Technical Reports

Geometrical morphology. John A. Goldsmith; Eric Rosen. 24 February, 2017. Communicated by John Goldsmith.
A group structure for strings: Towards a learning algorithm for morphophonology. John A. Goldsmith. 11 December, 2011. Communicated by John Goldsmith.
Three models for learning phonological categories. John A. Goldsmith; Aris Xanthos. 4 September, 2008. Communicated by John Goldsmith.
An algorithm for the unsupervised learning of morphology. John Goldsmith. 18 May, 2005. Communicated by John Goldsmith.
From Signatures to Finite State Automata. John Goldsmith; Yu Hu. 16 May, 2005. Communicated by John Goldsmith.
A heuristic for morpheme discovery based on string edit distance. John Goldsmith; Yu Hu; Irina Matveeva; Colin Sprague. 13 May, 2005. Communicated by John Goldsmith.