Huazhe Zhang

Huazhe Zhang

PhD Student
Department of Computer Science

Contact Information

University of Chicago
1100 E 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773)702-6614
Fax: (773)702-8487

Technical Reports

Handing DVFS to Hardware: Using Power Capping to Control Software Performance. Connor Imes; Huazhe Zhang; Kevin Zhao; Henry Hoffmann. 1 February, 2018. Communicated by Henry Hoffmann.
Big Data for LITTLE Cores: Combining Learning and Control for Mobile Energy Efficiency. Nikita Mishra; Connor Imes; Huazhe Zhang; John D Lafferty; Henry Hoffmann. 20 September, 2016. Communicated by Henry Hoffmann.
A Quantitative Evaluation of the RAPL Power Control System. Huazhe Zhang; Henry Hoffmann. 21 May, 2014. Communicated by Henry Hoffmann.