Gordon L Kindlmann

Gordon L Kindlmann

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Computation Institute


Systems, Scientific Visualization, Biomedical Image Analysis

Contact Information

University of Chicago
1100 E 58th Street #RY-161B
Chicago, IL 60637
Office: Ryerson 161-B
Phone: (773)834-3066
Fax: (773)702-8487
glk (at) uchicago.edu

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I research scientific visualization and image analysis to improve the biomedical applications of three-dimensional imaging modalities (like MRI and CT). My past research simplified the work of making informative direct volume renderings, inspired by traditional techniques of edge detection. I continue to explore ways of translating mathematical principles of image processing and computer vision to practical methods of detecting, measuring, and understanding biological and anatomical structure in modern imaging data. Much of my current work (in collaboration with colleagues in the Biological Sciences Division) is focused on applications of high-resolution and multi-variate imaging, including diffusion MRI. A recent line of work explores particles systems for image feature localization and sampling in four-dimensional image scale-space. All my research software is open-source, which is vital for creating reproducible methods of computational science.