Creating a New Text File (defunct)

What is a Text File?

y text file, I mean a file which is not generated from the database. Just about everything under /info falls into this category (with the notable exception of this documentation), as well as a smattering of other files throughout the site. The content of these pages is stored in regular old files on the system, and appears on the web by virtue of some nice Python scripts.

Where Can I Create a Text File?

hough you can put an HT file anywhere under the server root, it won't appear on the web unless there's a friendly Python script willing to display it. Since most of the site is drawn from the database, most of the existing Python scripts will not automatically display a new HT file.

Fortunately, there is one Python script that will display your HT file, if it's under /info. If you create a file info/services/ (note on filename convention), it will automatically appear at URL Note that the filename components are the same, but the URL does not include the .ht suffix.

Now What?

ow that you've created the text file, read the path on modifying text files to see what wonderful things you can do with this new text file.