Site Documentation

The Computer Science Department Website was designed and is maintained in-house by the department's technical staff. It is written completely in Python, using mod_python.

This portion of the site is the documentation for the implementation. It is intended as a rough guide for those maintaining the site, and is by no means a complete developer's manual. It should, however, give the maintainer enough information to understand the Python source code. Others are welcome to read the documentation as well, with the understanding that some security-sensitive information is kept private. Please direct all comments and questions to

The documentation is presented not as a linear document, but as a set of paths through the information. Each path is an ordered presentation of the information necessary to acheive a certain goal, or come to a particular understanding of the site's structure. Each path has links to asides, which delve more deeply into a narrow detail of the implementation, and are shared among several paths.

Available Documentation Paths