CMSC 27400

Honors Combinatorics and Probability (MATH 28400)

Prerequisites: MATH 25400, or CMSC 27100, or consent of instructor. Experience with mathematical proofs.

Catalog Description: ***This courses has been replaced by CMSC 27410 Honors Combinatorics***

Methods of enumeration, construction, and proof of existence of discrete structures are discussed in conjunction with the basic concepts of probability theory over a finite sample space. Enumeration techniques are applied to the calculation of probabilities, and conversely, probabilistic arguments are used in the analysis of combinatorial structures. Other topics are basic counting, linear recurrences, generating functions, Latin squares, finite projective planes, graph theory, Ramsey theory, coloring graphs and set systems, random variables, independence, expected value, standard deviation, and Chebyshev's and Chernoff's inequalities.

Instructors: L. Babai
Quarter offered: Spring (even-numbered years)
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