CMSC 23400

Mobile Computing (CMSC 33400)

Prerequisites: CMSC 15200 and 15400 are required, and 23000 OS or 23300 Networks is recommended. Knowledge of Java is required (a short course is available here).

Catalog Description: Mobile computing is pervasive and changing nearly every aspect of society. Sensing, actuation, and mediation capabilities of mobile devices are transforming all aspects of computing - uses, networking, interface, form, etc. Course explores new technologies driving mobile computing, and their implications for systems and society. Current focus areas include expanded visual experience with computational photography, video and interactive augmented reality, and synchronicity and proximity-detection to enable shared social experiences. Labs expose students to software and hardware capabilities of mobile computing systems, and develop the capability to envision radical new applications - for a large-scale course project.

Instructors: A. Chien
Quarter offered: WIN
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