Course Descriptions

CMSC10000 Web Design: Aesthetics and Language
CMSC10100 Introduction to Programming for the World Wide Web I
CMSC10200 Introduction to Programming for the World Wide Web 2
CMSC10500 Fundamentals of Computer Programming I (Scheme)
CMSC10600 Fundamentals of Computer Programming II (C++)
CMSC10700 Fundamentals of Computer Programming III (C++)
CMSC11000 Multimedia Programming as an Interdisciplinary Art I
CMSC11100 Multimedia Programming as an Interdisciplinary Art II
CMSC11200 Introduction to Interactive Logic
CMSC11300 Computation, Information & Description
CMSC11500 Introduction to Computer Programming I (Scheme)
CMSC11600 Introduction to Computer Programming II (C++)
CMSC11700 Introduction to Computer Programming III (C++)
CMSC11710 Networks
CMSC12100 Computer Science with Applications 1
CMSC12200 Computer Science with Applications 2
CMSC12300 Computer Science with Applications-3
CMSC12500 Honors Introduction to Computer Programming I
CMSC12600 Honors Introduction to Computer Programming II
CMSC15100 Introduction to Computer Science-1
CMSC15200 Introduction to Computer Science-2
CMSC15300 Foundations of Software
CMSC15400 Introduction to Computer Systems
CMSC16100 Honors Introduction to Computer Science 1
CMSC16200 Honors Introduction to Computer Science 2
CMSC17400 Discrete Mathematics
CMSC21010 Mathematical Foundations of Linguistics
CMSC21500 Logic and Logic Programming
CMSC22001 Software Construction
CMSC22010 Digital Fabrication
CMSC22100 Programming Languages
CMSC22200 Computer Architecture
CMSC22300 Functional Programming
CMSC22311 Functional Systems in Haskell
CMSC22600 Compilers for Computer Languages
CMSC22610 Implementation of Computer Languages-1
CMSC22620 Implementation of Computer Languages-2
CMSC22630 Advanced Implementation of Computer Languages
CMSC22800 Free Software Practicum
CMSC23000 Operating Systems
CMSC23001 Topics in Systems
CMSC23010 Parallel Computing
CMSC23200 Introduction to Computer Security
CMSC23300 Networks and Distributed Systems
CMSC23310 Advanced Distributed Systems
CMSC23340 Grid Computing
CMSC23400 Mobile Computing
CMSC23500 Introduction to Databases
CMSC23700 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CMSC23710 Scientific Visualization
CMSC23800 Game Construction
CMSC24000 Information Theory and Coding
CMSC25000 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and LISP I
CMSC25010 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMSC25020 Computational Linguistics
CMSC25025 Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis
CMSC25030 Computational Models of Speech
CMSC25040 Introduction to Computer Vision
CMSC25050 Computer Vision
CMSC25100 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and LISP II
CMSC25400 Machine Learning
CMSC27000 Theory of Algorithms
CMSC27100 Discrete Mathematics
CMSC27200 Theory of Algorithms
CMSC27400 Honors Combinatorics and Probability
CMSC27410 Honors Combinatorics
CMSC27500 Graph Theory
CMSC27502 Advanced Algorithms
CMSC27600 Computational Biology
CMSC27610 Digital Biology
CMSC27700 Mathematical Logic I
CMSC27800 Mathematical Logic II
CMSC27900 Chaos, Complexity, and Computers
CMSC28000 Introduction to Formal Languages
CMSC28100 Introduction to Complexity Theory
CMSC28500 Introduction to Numerical Computation
CMSC28501 Topics in Scientific Computing
CMSC28510 Introduction to Scientific Computing
CMSC28520 High-Performance Scientific Software
CMSC28530 Scientific Systems Programming
CMSC29500 Digital Sound Modeling
CMSC31000 Foundations of Computer Science
CMSC31010 Mathematical Foundations of Linguistics
CMSC31100 Big Ideas in Computer Science
CMSC31150 Mathematical Toolkit
CMSC31230 Fundamentals of Deep Learning
CMSC31500 Mathematical Logic I
CMSC31900 Lambda Calculus
CMSC32001 Topics in Programming Languages
CMSC32002 Topics in Software Engineering
CMSC32100 Programming Languages
CMSC32102 Topics in Concurrency
CMSC32200 Computer Architecture
CMSC32201 Topics in Computer Architecture
CMSC32600 Compilers for Computer Languages
CMSC32620 Implementation of Computer Languages-2
CMSC32630 Advanced Implementation of Computer Languages
CMSC33000 Operating Systems
CMSC33001 Topics in Systems
CMSC33100 Advanced Operating Systems
CMSC33200 Topics in Operating Systems
CMSC33250 Introduction to Computer Security
CMSC33251 Topics in Computer Security
CMSC33300 Networks and Distributed Systems
CMSC33310 Advanced Distributed Systems
CMSC33340 Grid Computing
CMSC33400 Mobile Computing
CMSC33500 Advanced Databases
CMSC33501 Topics in Databases
CMSC33510 Data Mining
CMSC33520 Data Intensive Computing Systems
CMSC33600 Type Systems for Programming Languages
CMSC33601 Topics in Software Systems
CMSC33700 Computer Graphics
CMSC33710 Scientific Visualization
CMSC33720 Computational Systems Biology
CMSC33950 Data Visualization, Aesthetics, Intent, and Practice
CMSC34000 Scientific Parallel Computing
CMSC34200 Numerical Hydrodynamics
CMSC34500 Optimization
CMSC34700 Scalable Internet Services
CMSC34701 Advanced Internet Services
CMSC34702 Topics in Networks
CMSC34710 Wireless Sensor Networks
CMSC34900 Topics in Scientific Computing
CMSC34901 Special Topics in Operations Management - Stochastic Performance Modeling
CMSC34910 Transforms for Signal Processing
CMSC35000 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMSC35040 Introduction to Computer Vision
CMSC35050 Computational Linguistics
CMSC35100 Natural Language Processing
CMSC35120 Topics in Computational Linguistics
CMSC35400 Machine Learning
CMSC35420 Statistical Methods in AI
CMSC35470 Convex Optimization
CMSC35500 Computer Vision
CMSC35510 Statistical Methods in Comp Vision
CMSC35600 Image Processing/Computer Vision
CMSC35900 Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CMSC36100 Introduction to Collaborative Environments
CMSC36500 Algorithms in Finite Groups
CMSC37000 Algorithms
CMSC37100 Topics in Algorithms
CMSC37101 Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
CMSC37110 Discrete Mathematics
CMSC37120 Topics in Discrete Mathematics
CMSC37200 Combinatorics
CMSC37220 Introduction to Information and Coding Theory
CMSC37300 Parallel Algorithms
CMSC37400 Constructive Combinatorics
CMSC37501 Random Algorithms
CMSC37502 Advanced Algorithms
CMSC37503 Approximation Algorithms
CMSC37600 Computational Biology
CMSC37700 Bioinformatics
CMSC37701 Topics in Bioinformatics
CMSC37720 Computational Systems Biology
CMSC37800 Numerical Computation
CMSC37810 Mathematical Computation 1: Matrix Computation
CMSC37811 Mathematical Computation 2: Optimization & Simulation
CMSC37812 Mathematical Computation 3: Numerical Methods for PDEs
CMSC38000 Computability Theory I
CMSC38100 Computability Theory II
CMSC38200 Distributed Algorithms
CMSC38300 Numerical Solutions to PDEs
CMSC38410 Quantum Computing
CMSC38500 Computability and Complexity Theory
CMSC38510 Effective Randomness
CMSC38511 Effective Randomness-2
CMSC38512 Kolmogorov Complexity
CMSC38600 Complexity Theory A
CMSC38700 Complexity Theory B
CMSC38815 Geometric Complexity
CMSC39000 Computational Geometry
CMSC39010 Computational and Metric Geometry
CMSC39200 Realizability Semantics
CMSC39300 Logics of Grammar and Computation
CMSC39500 Computational Geometry
CMSC39600 Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
CSPP50101 Concepts of Programming
CSPP50102 Mathematics for Computer Science
CSPP50103 Mathematics for Computer Science
CSPP50201 Math for CS I: Discrete Math
CSPP50202 Math for CS II: Counting, Statistics & Probability
CSPP51023 OO Architect., Design, & Methodology
CSPP51024 Practicum: Distributed Objects
CSPP51025 Practicum in Trading Systems Development
CSPP51030 iOS Application Development
CSPP51031 Android Application Development
CSPP51032 Advanced iOS Application Development
CSPP51035 Introduction to OO Programming using Java
CSPP51036 Java Programming
CSPP51037 Advanced Java Programming
CSPP51040 C Programming
CSPP51041 User Interfaces with Java
CSPP51044 C/C++ for Advanced Programmers
CSPP51045 Advanced C++
CSPP51050 OO Architecture: Patterns, Technologies, Implementations
CSPP51060 Principles od Dynamic Languages
CSPP51070 Enterprise Architecture: Frameworks, Process and Governance
CSPP51075 Enterprise Data Architecture: Context and Methods
CSPP51080 Structure, Interpretation of Computer Programs
CSPP51081 Unix Systems Programming
CSPP51083 Cloud Computing
CSPP51085 Applied Parallel Programming
CSPP51086 Comp Language Implementation
CSPP51087 High Performance Computing
CSPP51089 Business Systems Analysis
CSPP51090 Software Construction
CSPP51091 Software Projects, Practices and Processes
CSPP51092 Industrial Software Process
CSPP51094 Software Development Methods
CSPP51200 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSPP52010 Computer Architecture
CSPP52011 Introduction to Computer Systems
CSPP52030 Operating Systems
CSPP52552 Web Programming
CSPP52553 Web Development
CSPP53001 Databases
CSPP53010 Advanced Databases
CSPP53011 Advanced Databases Project
CSPP53013 Big Data
CSPP53015 Datamining and Datawarehousing
CSPP53017 Data Warehousing
CSPP53025 Electronic Data & Document Exchange
CSPP53030 Web Services
CSPP54001 Networks
CSPP54010 Networks and System Management
CSPP54015 Advanced Network Design
CSPP55001 Algorithms
CSPP55005 Advanced Algorithms
CSPP55030 Linear Algebra
CSPP56410 Theory of Bioinformatics
CSPP56425 Medical Informatics Systems
CSPP56510 Information Technology (IT) Security
CSPP56513 Digital Forensics
CSPP56555 Survey of Industrial Linguistics
CSPP57100 Architecture & Design of OO Frameworks Lab
CSPP57120 Unix Systems Administration Lab
CSPP57130 Networks Lab
CSPP57140 Security Lab
CSPP58001 Numerical Methods
ECON31200 Empirical Analysis III
FINM34500 Stochastic Calculus-1
MATH37910 Introduction to Complex Networks
MPCS50103 Mathematics for Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics
MPCS51100 Advanced Programming
MPCS51210 Advanced Topics in Software Architecture and Design
MPCS53112 Advanced Data Analytics
MPCS56420 Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists
MPCS56515 Computer and Network Security